TIDI Products Improves Warehouse Safety With Dura-Last® Roll Cradles

TIDI Products plays an important role in infectious disease prevention by producing infection control products for hospitals and other environments.

TIDI’s single-use products range from sponges and gauze to personal protection for medical staff such as gowns and gloves. To protect against contamination, TIDI applies a low density polyethylene film as a barrier to these products.

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Safety Concerns Become Apparent

The rolls of polyethylene film are shipped and stored on roll cradles at various TIDI locations. Over time, the cradles holding the rolls of film began to wear down, causing safety concerns when moving the rolls. Because there wasn’t enough room to fit hoist straps around the material, the rolls couldn’t be moved safely onto their converting machines. Frustrated with the situation, TIDI searched for a solution and found Great Northern Rollguard and their Dura-Last® roll cradles. Dura-Last cradles are made of a high density, highly durable foam material. Using the Dura-Last cradles allows TIDI to reuse these cradles for several years without worrying about flattening and durability issues.

The immediate problem caused by lack of space for the hoist straps was also solved. With the increased height of the Dura-Last® cradles, TIDI could slide the hoist slings under and between the rolls securely.

The Dura-Last Cradle Solution

In addition to improved safety, Leo Sambs, Production Supervisor at TIDI Products, has high hopes for the longevity of the new Rollguard cradles, saying “The construction of the cradles leads us to believe that these will last much longer than our older cradles.” The Dura-Last cradles are also slightly texturized to resist beading and prevent slippage, another positive safety aspect. When TIDI first ordered Rollguard’s Dura-Last cradles, they ordered enough to replace most, but not all, of their current inventory of cradles. After realizing all of their cradles needed to be replaced, due to their worn downstate, TIDI contacted Rollguard’s customer service and was pleasantly surprised by the help they received. “Customer service was beyond what anyone would expect,” said Sambs. “Their response time and flexibility was incredible.”

“The construction of the Rollguard cradles leads us to believe that these will last much longer than our older cradles.”
– Leo Sambs, Production
Supervisor at TIDI Products

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