Great Northern Extends its E-Commerce Expertise to the Amazon APASS Network

Amazon Protective Packaging

Great Northern is now a member of a select group of companies that are part of the Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network (APASS). APASS officially recognizes packaging experts who can provide corrugate and other 100% recyclable packaging solutions, such as Rollguard’s custom molded pulp protective interior packaging, to help e-commerce vendors with their shipping challenges.

In addition to supplying reliable packaging, Great Northern provides structural design and package testing to comply with Amazon standards. Our ISTA 6-certified lab will be available the end of 4th quarter 2019.


Safe, Easy to Use Perforated Cradle Option Available

Rollguard’s Perforated Fibre Cradle allows for safe, manual unloading of rolls 40 to 50 inches in diameter (101.6 cm to 127 cm). Made from fully-recyclable corrugated fiber pulp, perforated saddle edges allow kick-down of one or both sides for manual movement of roll onto pallet or forklift, eliminating the need for overhead cranes or slings.


Dura-Last™ From Rollguard® Offers Long-Life Protection

DuraLast Roll Cradle Packaging

Dura-Last™ Reusable Cradles offer customizable long-life protection for pallet material of any size or shape. Made from high-density, durable foam material Dura-Last™ offers long-lasting cradle usage and less waste. Its textured surface resists beading and prevents slippage. In addition, its lightweight material reduces shipping costs without compromising protection.

Ideal for internal roll handling during WIP, Dura-Last™ is great for low quantity orders, and there is no minimum required or tooling fees.

Great Expectations

Great Expectations is more than a tagline, it is an attitude. At Great Northern, customer challenges are met by an undying spirit to doing what others can’t or won’t. It’s in our DNA. And it is what our customers have come to expect with Great Northern.

How can we exceed your expectations?